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.005" Advantage: The Exterior Series

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The IPI .005 Advantage: Exterior Series offers a state-of-the-art solution for laser engraving. This premium-grade material is designed to produce unparalleled fine details with the .005 advantage, exceeding the capabilities of standard .010" materials. Manufactured in the USA, its industrial strength is perfectly matched by its aesthetics. Whether you're looking for interior/exterior signage or industrial labels, this is your top choice.



  • Lustrous Satin Look: Achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • Fine Line Engraving: Thanks to the .005" advantage, achieve details that were once thought impossible.

  • Durable & UV-Stable: Ensures longevity, whether it's indoors or outdoors.

  • Flexibility: Available with or without adhesive backing.

  • Protective Masking: Every sheet comes with a clear, protective masking.

  • Variety in Finishes: Choose from a non-glare matte or a gloss finish.

  • Safety First: UL approved and compliant with California Proposition 65.

  • Easily Workable: Suitable for sawing, shearing, beveling, and more.



Use Cases

Interior & Exterior Signage

The IPI .005 Advantage: Exterior Series is uniquely designed to cater to both interior and exterior environments. For interior setups, it offers a clean, professional appearance, making it ideal for corporate offices, retail spaces, and other indoor areas. For exterior applications, its UV-stable nature ensures that it can withstand direct sunlight and the elements, making it perfect for building identifications, wayfinding in parks, or branding at outdoor events.

Equipment ID Tags

In industrial and manufacturing settings, machinery and equipment often need clear identification for maintenance, operations, and safety. The precision and durability of the .005 Advantage ensure that these tags are legible, resistant to wear and tear, and can endure the rough conditions of industrial settings.

Recreational Signage

Whether it's for a public park, a golf course, or a campsite, recreational signs need to be clear, durable, and often resistant to the elements. The IPI material is perfect for guiding visitors, marking zones, or even displaying rules and guidelines in recreational areas.

ADA Compliant Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific requirements for signage to ensure it is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. This material allows for precision engraving which is essential for ADA-compliant Braille signage. Its durability ensures that these signs remain in good condition, providing accessibility information for years.

Safety Signage

In environments like construction sites, factories, and even public spaces, safety signage is crucial. These signs often display warning messages, safety instructions, or hazard information. The clarity, durability, and UV-stability of the .005 Advantage ensures these crucial signs remain clear and legible, protecting people and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Control Panels

Machinery, especially in industrial settings, often comes with control panels that need clear labelling for safe and effective operation. The precision engraving capability of this material ensures that every button, lever, or switch is clearly identified, minimizing operational errors, and ensuring smooth workflows.



  • Brand: IPI

  • Series: .005 Advantage Exterior

  • Primary Colour: White

  • Secondary Colour: Black

  • Finish Options: Matte, Gloss

  • Engraving Depth: .007"

  • Material: Laminated Impact Acrylic

  • Sheet Size: 24 1/8" x 48 3/4" (613mm x 1238mm)

  • Thickness: 2-ply 1/16" (1.6mm)

  • UV-LED Printable: Yes

Why Choose .005" Advantage: Exterior Series?

  • Durability: Made to withstand the elements.

  • Precision: Fine line engraving like never before.

  • Versatility: Ideal for a plethora of applications from personal identification to safety signage.

  • Safety Compliance: UL approved and California Proposition 65 compliant.

  • Customization: Available in custom thicknesses upon request.


IPI's commitment to quality, service, and innovation has been evident over the past decade. Their extensive inventory, consisting of over 300 stocking products, is a testament to their dedication to meeting the needs of the signage and engraving industry.


The .005 Advantage: Exterior Series, with its combination of durability and fine-detail engraving capability, offers solutions across diverse applications. Whether you're crafting signs for public spaces or labeling machinery in a factory, this material ensures clarity, longevity, and compliance.


0.005 impact acrylic
24 1/8" x 48 3/4" (613mm x 1238mm)
2-ply 1/16" (1.6mm) *Custom thicknesses available
Interior/Exterior signage, personal identification
Laser or Rotary
Saws, drills, heat bendable
Bonds, hot stamps, silkscreens, uv-stable, permits fine detail engraving
Matte & Gloss
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