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Laser Engravers Advantage: Peel N Stick

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Industrial Advantage is proud to introduce the Peel N Stick - an innovatively designed, two-ply sheet, optimized for laser engraving. Crafted with precision, this exceptionally thin material stands at a thickness of .022" with a top colour surface of .001". The resultant engravings are crisp, clean, and aesthetically appealing. Whether you're working on interior signage, crafting unique plaques, creating industrial labels, or customizing trophies, Peel N Stick is your premium choice.



  • Material: Micro-Surfaced Impact Acrylic, ensuring longevity and durability.

  • Size: Each sheet measures 24 1/8" x 48 3/4" or 613mm x 1238mm.

  • Thickness: Uniform 2-ply .022" (.55mm) thickness across the sheet.

  • Finish Options: Choose from Matte, Gloss, or Brushed finishes to best suit your project needs.

  • Adhesive Backing: For hassle-free application, sheets come with an adhesive backing. (Non-adhesive option available)

  • Protection: Each sheet is equipped with a clear protective masking, safeguarding it from any scratches or external damages.

  • Engraving: Allows for fine detail engraving, ensuring every intricate detail is captured.

  • Versatile Fabrication: Suitable for saws, shears, bevels, screen prints, bonds, drills, and more. It is heat bendable at approximately 180°F (82.22°C).



  • UV Stability: Made with UV stable plastic resins, Peel N Stick is designed for longevity, even in external environments.

  • Safety Compliant: RoHS compliant, PVC-free, formaldehyde and phenol-free, it is also rated UL 94 HB.

  • Electrical Properties: Electrically non-conductive and insulative. Meets electrical resistivity standards.

  • Environmental Resistance: Warranted for 2 years, it remains resilient against external factors.


Case Uses

Interior Signage

Interior signage plays a pivotal role in branding, wayfinding, and communicating essential information within a facility.

Benefits of Using Peel N Stick

  • Durability: Given its Micro-Surfaced Impact Acrylic nature, these signs can withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Precision: The thin top colour surface ensures every detail is sharply and clearly engraved, making even complex designs stand out.

  • Adhesive Backing: Easy installation on walls, doors, or other flat surfaces without needing additional glues or tapes.

Examples: Company logos in office lobbies, restroom signs, directory boards, office door nameplates, and emergency exit signs.



Plaques serve as recognition for achievements, milestones, or to commemorate historic events.


Benefits of Using Peel N Stick:

  • High-quality Finish: With finishes like matte, gloss, or brushed, every plaque can look premium and refined.

  • Fine Detail Engraving: Recognitions often involve intricate logos or text; the material allows for detailed work without compromise.


Examples: Employee of the Month awards, commemorative plaques for historic buildings, donor recognition in institutions.


Industrial Labels

In an industrial setting, labels assist in organizing, identifying equipment, ensuring safety compliance, and streamlining operations.

Benefits of Using Peel N Stick:

  • Resistance to External Factors: Being UV-stable, these labels can be used in environments with varying light conditions without fading.

  • Adhesive Strength: The adhesive backing ensures that labels stick well on machinery, storage bins, or any industrial equipment.

  • Electrical Properties: Given its non-conductive nature, it can be safely used on electrical equipment.


Examples: Equipment ID tags, safety instructions on machinery, storage bin labels, hazard warnings.



Trophies are tangible symbols of achievement, success, or victory in a particular field or event.


Benefits of Using Peel N Stick:

  • Customization: The flexibility of the material allows for personalized engravings, from names to dates to logos.

  • Durability: Trophies are often displayed for years; the material's durability ensures it remains pristine.

  • Fine Detail Engraving: The clarity of engravings makes every trophy unique and special to the recipient.


Examples: Sports event winners, corporate achievement awards, academic competitions, arts and talent contests.


Why Buy from Industrial Advantage?

Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that every product you purchase meets the highest industry standards. With Laser Engravers Advantage: Peel N Stick, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in excellence.


Micro-Surfaced Impact Acrylic, ensuring longevity and durability.
24 1/8" x 48 3/4" (613mm x 1238mm)
.022" (.55mm)
Interior signage, control panels, legend plates
Rotary or Laser
Suitable for saws, shears, bevels, screen prints, bonds, drills, and more. It is heat bendable at approximately 180°F (82.22°C).
Bonds, hot stamps, silkscreens, permits fine detail engraving
Matte, gloss, brushed
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