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Laser Ultra Thins

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Experience unparalleled flexibility with the game-changing Laser Ultra Thins, tailor-made to fulfill today's sophisticated laser engraving demands. These 2-ply sheets, crafted from micro-surfaced impact acrylic, unlock unprecedented opportunities, marking a breakthrough in laser engraving innovation.


Key Features

  • Ultra-Thin Flexibility: At a mere .004" thickness, these sheets are designed to flawlessly accommodate even the most curved surfaces.

  • Robust Durability: Equipped with the strength to resist heat, solvents, and abrasion, ensuring longevity and persistence in diverse environments.

  • Superior Adhesiveness: Laser Ultra Thins come with a self-adhesive backing that secures firmly to a vast array of materials.

  • Precision Engraving: Ideal for fine detailing, these sheets are compatible with both laser and rotary engraving, ensuring immaculate engravings every time.

  • UV Stability: Ensures the engravings remain pristine even under prolonged sun exposure.

  • Versatile Finishes: Available in both gloss and brushed finishes to cater to varied aesthetic demands.


Suggested Applications


Industrial Realm


Control Panels

  • Control panels are essential components in machinery, electronics, and many other industrial applications. Clear, lasting engravings ensure that each function is properly labelled, reducing confusion and potential mistakes.

  • Why Laser Ultra Thins? Given their durable nature, they can resist the regular wear and tear seen in industrial environments. Their precise engraving ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is clearly readable, which is crucial for safety and usability.


Equipment ID Tags

  • Equipment in industries often needs to be tagged for identification, maintenance schedules, and other essential information.

  • Why Laser Ultra Thins? The self-adhesive nature ensures the tags stick securely to equipment surfaces, and the resistant features ensure the engravings last, even in harsh industrial environments.


Awards & Trophies


Trophy Plates or Plaques

  • Trophies and awards are tokens of appreciation, achievement, and recognition. The engravings carry the essential details – be it the recipient's name, the achievement, or a motivational quote.

  • Why Laser Ultra Thins? Their ultra-thin nature ensures a sleek look, while the precision engraving captures every intricate detail, making the award even more special.




Interior Signage

  • This includes signages inside buildings, offices, malls, and other establishments. They help in guiding visitors, denoting room names, or even for branding purposes.

  • Why Laser Ultra Thins? Their aesthetic appeal combined with durability makes them a perfect choice. Whether it's a company logo or directional signage, the clarity of engraving ensures it's noticed and understood.


Exterior Signage

  • These are placed outdoors and are exposed to weather elements. They might denote the name of a building, safety instructions, or any other relevant information.

  • Why Laser Ultra Thins? Their UV stability ensures that prolonged exposure to the sun doesn't degrade the engraving. Plus, the resistance to heat and abrasion means they remain intact and clear for longer, even in challenging conditions.


Personal Identification


Event or Institution IDs

  • IDs for events like conferences, and workshops, or for institutions like schools and colleges carry essential details such as name, role, or even barcodes.

  • Why Laser Ultra Thins? Given their flexibility, they can easily adhere to lanyards or cardholders. The precision engraving ensures every detail, including small texts or intricate logos, is crisply presented.


Product Specifications

  • Material: Micro-surfaced Pre-Adhesive Impact Acrylic

  • Sheet Dimensions: 12" x 24" (305mm x 610mm)

  • Thickness: .004" (0.10mm)

  • Cutting Depth: .002"

  • Fabrication: Drills, Laser Vector Cuts, Bonds, Shears, and more

  • Available Finishes: Gloss and Brushed


Why Buy from Industrial Advantage?

Choose Industrial Advantage for a product that epitomizes quality, precision, and innovation. Dive into the realm of intricate laser engraving like never before. With our Laser Ultra Thins, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in an experience.


Micro-surfaced Pre-Adhesive Impact Acrylic
12" x 24" (305mm x 610mm)
.004" (0.10mm)
Interior/exterior signage, personal identification
Rotary or Laser
Drills, Laser Vector Cuts, Bonds, Shears, and more
Bonds, hot stamps, silkscreens, uv-stable, permits fine detail engraving
Gloss and Brushed
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