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Laserables: Heavy Metals

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The IPI Heavy Metal Series is not just another engraving material - it's an invitation to a world of elegance and sophistication. With the mesmerizing appearance of genuine metals in a versatile, two-ply engravable plastic, our Heavy Metal Series promises durability, elegance, and superior engraving quality.


Features & Benefits

  • Lustrous Finishes: Elevate your designs with dazzling finishes like Steel Blue Brush, Nickel Brush, Copper Brush, Amber Brush, Tahitian Bronze, and Brushed Brass.

  • Laser & Rotary Friendly: Designed with the engraver in mind, this series offers the most user-friendly experience for both laser and rotary engraving.

  • Durability: Crafted from high-impact micro-surfaced acrylic, ensuring lasting brilliance and resistance to wear.

  • Versatile Use Cases: Perfectly suited for interior signage, personal identification, trophy plates/plaques, and industrial tags/labels.

  • Customization: Choose between Gloss or Matte finishes to match the aesthetics of your project.

  • Easy Fabrication: Softens at about 200°F and can be drilled, sawed, sheared, nailed, bonded, and die-cut, offering a plethora of creative opportunities.

  • Optimal Size & Thickness: Available in 12" x 24" and 24" x 48" sizes with a thickness of 1/16".


Case Use

Trophy Plates/Plaques

In a world where achievements are often celebrated with a simple certificate or generic trophy, the IPI Heavy Metal Series elevates the significance of the honour. Imagine an annual corporate awards ceremony. The winner for "Employee of the Year" is called up, and they're handed a uniquely designed plaque, shimmering in a Steel Blue Brush finish. This trophy, crafted from the Heavy Metal Series, is not only a testament to the employee's hard work but also a piece of art they'd be proud to display. The metallic finish combined with precision engraving ensures the award feels prestigious and is treasured for years.

Industrial Tags/Labels

Large manufacturing floors are often filled with countless machines, equipment, and tools. Proper identification of each machinery or tool is essential for workflow efficiency and safety. Using the IPI Heavy Metal Series, industries can create durable, elegant, and clear labels. These aren't your regular paper tags. A machine labelled with a Nickel Brush finish tag immediately stands out, making it easier for workers to identify and operate, reducing the time spent searching for the right equipment and ensuring better adherence to safety protocols.

Interior Signage

A boutique hotel in an urban setting is looking to differentiate itself in a competitive market. Every detail matters, from the decor to the signage. Using the IPI Heavy Metal Series, the hotel creates interior signs for each room, lounge areas, and amenities, all in a Copper Brush finish. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the hotel but also provides a consistent branding touchpoint. When guests see these uniquely crafted signs, they're reminded of the luxury and attention to detail that the hotel offers, making their stay memorable.

Personal Identification

Tech conferences are often attended by professionals looking to network, learn, and showcase their products. Making a strong first impression is vital. Instead of the standard plastic badges, the organizers decided to use the IPI Heavy Metal Series to craft unique badges in an Amber Brush finish. As attendees walk around, their badges catch the light, drawing attention and becoming conversation starters. These badges not only serve as an identification but also become a keepsake from the event, symbolizing the premium experience the conference promises.


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Looking to bring the timeless appeal of metals to your next engraving project? Choose the IPI Heavy Metal Series and experience engraving like never before. Don't just engrave, dazzle with Industrial Advantage!


Availability & Custom Orders: Most products are readily available in 2-ply 1/16". Custom thicknesses such as 2-ply 1/32" or 1/8", and 3-ply 1/16" or 1/8" can be produced upon request. Contact us for details and minimum order requirements.


Micro-surfaced (.001") high impact acrylic for front engraving
Interior signage, personal identification
Rotary or Laser
Saws, drills, heat bendable
Bonds, hot stamps, silkscreens, permits fine detail engraving
Matte, gloss, brushed
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