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Laserables: Reverse

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The Laserables: Reverse by IPI offers a revolutionary solution to the engraving industry, designed to deliver impeccable precision and a distinct look. Tailored for reverse engraving, these sheets are layered with transparent clear acrylic over a hue or a striking metallic pattern. When engraved from the backside, the coloured layer is seamlessly removed, revealing the clear section. This opens endless possibilities - be it infilling with acrylic paint for a rich appearance or using backlighting for a dynamic contrast.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Unique Engraving Experience: Designed specifically for reverse engraving. This ensures a smooth top surface, easy cleaning, and graphic protection.

  • Diverse Aesthetic Choices: Available in various colours and finishes, from high gloss to matte non-glare to brushed. This diversity caters to a plethora of aesthetic needs.

  • Durability: Features the industry's most robust micro-surface at .0025". Perfect for both interior and exterior applications, thanks to its UV-stable property.

  • Customizable: The versatility allows for backlighting, paint infills, and more, ensuring each project stands out.

  • Multiple Thickness Options: Available in 1/16", 1/8", and .026", suiting different project requirements.


Case Uses

Interior Signage

Interior signage pertains to various signs used within enclosed spaces, such as offices, institutions, and commercial places. These could be directional signs, nameplates, room numbers, or informational displays.


Laserables Advantage: With Laserables: Reverse, you can create high-end and elegant signage that not only serves its functional purpose but also complements the interior aesthetics. The clean engraving ensures easy readability, while the unique reverse design provides depth, making the signage pop.


Illuminated Wayfinding

These are signs that are backlit, enabling visibility in low-light situations. Commonly found in theaters, airports, or large facilities, they guide people seamlessly.


Laserables Advantage: The translucent version of Laserables: Reverse is specifically crafted to allow light to shine through. When engraved, the clear text or symbols can be highlighted using backlighting, ensuring that directions or information are clearly visible even in the dark.


Safety and Control Panels

These are crucial components in factories, workshops, and laboratories. They may carry essential operational instructions, warnings, or machine statuses.


Laserables Advantage: Given the durable micro-surface of Laserables: Reverse, these labels or instructions won't easily wear off, ensuring safety and efficient operation. The clarity provided by the reverse engraving also means critical information stands out, minimizing operational errors.


Tactile Signage

Tactile signs are designed for the visually impaired and often feature raised characters, Braille, or symbols. They're essential in public spaces, ensuring inclusivity.


Laserables Advantage: The precision with which Laserables: Reverse can be engraved means creating Braille or raised symbols becomes easier and more accurate. This ensures compliance with ADA standards, making spaces more accessible.


Personal Identification

Personal IDs or name badges are essential in professional settings, events, or institutions. They provide immediate identification, aiding in security and networking.


Laserables Advantage: Crafting bespoke badges or ID tags with Laserables: Reverse offers a touch of class. The clear engraving ensures names or roles are easily legible, while the unique depth achieved with reverse engraving adds a touch of sophistication.


Exterior Signage

These signs are used outdoors, either for branding, directions, or information. Given their exposure to elements, they need to be durable.


Laserables Advantage: The UV-stable property of Laserables: Reverse ensures that these signs won't fade or wear out easily under the sun. The clean and clear engraving means they remain readable, and the added depth provides a dynamic aesthetic appeal even from a distance.




  • Material: Micro-Surfaced impact acrylic, perfect for reverse engraving.

  • Sheet Size: 24" x 48" or 610mm x 1219mm.

  • Fabrication: Compatible with lasers, rotary tools, saws, shears, and more. Can be bent using heat, drilled, stamped, and more.

  • Finishes: Both matte and gloss finishes available.

  • Customization: Almost any IPI colour or look can be converted into a LASERABLE. Reach out for specific needs.


Why Buy from Industrial Advantage?

With a commitment to quality, Industrial Advantage stands as a beacon for professionals seeking unparalleled engraving solutions. We understand the nuances and needs of the engraving industry and thus offer you products like Laserables: Reverse – a perfect blend of innovation and quality. By choosing us, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in precision, durability, and class!


Micro-Surfaced impact acrylic, perfect for reverse engraving.
24" x 48" (610mm x 1219mm)
Interior/exterior signage, personal identification
Rotary or Laser
Compatible with lasers, rotary tools, saws, shears, and more. Can be bent using heat, drilled, stamped, and more.
Bonds, hot stamps, silkscreens, permits fine detail engraving
Both matte and gloss finishes available.
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