Phoenix 1212 S5

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The Phoenix 1212 S5 Engraver is a user-friendly desktop engraving machine with a highly adaptive work area. It has a medium size form factor with an open back design. This allows the Phoenix to fit on most counter-tops and engrave materials as big as 12” x 12” or longer. It comes with an aluminum T-Slot table for holding down flat materials but can also engrave odd shaped items up to 3 ¼” thick using it’s optional deep vise. V-Touch Technology, its newest upgrade adds a multi-functional touch screen display, internal memory, and other performance enhancing features.

The Phoenix 1212 S5 Medium Sized Engraver Offers:


12" x 12" aluminum T-slot table

• An electronic sensor for automatic surface setting

• Includes NEW V-Touch Multi Functional Touch Screen

11/64" or 1/4" top-loading spindle (collet optional)

Ethernet connection

• A limited 2-year warranty


Applications: Sign making, Jewelry, Medals, Pens, Trophy & Plaques, Parts Marking, Badge Engraving, ADA Braille Signs, Wood Engraving, Plastic Engraving, Metal Engraving, Tag Engraving, Control Panels and more!

75 lbs.
21.5" x 24"x 11"
17.5" (L) x Any Width x 3" (H)
11/64", 6mm, or 1/4" top loading, Collet Spindle Available
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